Another Selfie death – a new trend for Millenials?

An Indian couple did a back flip off Yosemite’s Taft point a few days ago. Just a couple months before, a man did the same trick off of Nevada Fall.

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Many beutiful sights at Yosemite. Be careful

We used to joke “back up…a little more..”  Ha ha. No one actually did back off a cliff  then.

But nowadays with hand-held smart phones, people are too shy to ask another to snap the photo.  Could be that millenials spend HOURS a day on their “device” and are not able to communicate with other humanoids to take their photo. Sad.

I call them “selfishes” You just gotta have your mug in front of scenery. Taft Point is off the Glacier Point Road and is an easy walk from the road. You are on the south side of the valley and able to look across to El Capitan. Great shot.

There are several points to look over at the crags as you hike further west. Stanford, Dewey, etc. You can even cross over Bridalveil creek – the one that feeds Bridalveil Fall. Cool.

Do we need signs up that people will ignore anyway?  “NO TEXTING; NO SELFIES.”

Gimmie a break. Sorry for the distraught families, but have you heard of the Darwin Awards?  You HAVE to read the news report of this death and how this couple liked to take pix …near the edge of the safety envelop.


Unrelated thought worth quoting: “Please help me, I’m falling
In love with you.Close the door to temptation. Don’t let me walk through. 
Hank Loflin
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